How to plan an accessible trip

03. 01. 2019

How to plan an accessible trip

Start planning your unforgettable accessible vacation with finding solutions for most common problems on the road

Finding the accessible room in the hotels.

We ensure that all the accommodation facilities, which are booked through our agency are accessible for wheelchair users, anywhere in Slovenia.

Transport from the airport

Many times, wheelchair users have problems in arranging transfer from the airport to their hotels, as the public buses and shuttles are not accessible for wheelchair users. We ensure that the wheelchair users have a comfortable journey from the airport to the accommodation facilities with our adapted minibuses. Except from the Ljubljana airport we can also drive the guest to Slovenia from other nearby airports like Zagreb, Venice, Trieste…Our company has also made a partnership agreement with one of the local taxi companies in Ljubljana, which has accessible vehicles and can take care of the transfer services of the wheelchair users within the boundaries of our capital.

Are the city tours and day trips accessible enough?

Wheelchair users are also unsure if it is worth booking city tours, day trips or some other tourist services as they are not certain if the level of accessibility is high enough, so they can enjoy the sightseeing stops like the other tourists. We make sure all our tourist services are accessible and that the disabled will enjoy the day trips and city tours, just like everybody else does.

Where are the public toilettes for the wheelchair users?

Frequently we are asked where are the accessible toilettes in Slovenia, are they free of charge, are they opened for public, or do they even exist? Every major tourist city in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Piran, Bled…) have toilettes accessible for wheelchair users. Some of them (like the ones in Ljubljana and Piran) are also free of charge. A few of them are opened all the time, but majority of them can be accessed by the Eurokey. In case you do not have it, or it does not exist in your country, we can also loan it to you during your stay in Slovenia.

If you have some more questions or need any other tips (like which museums, restaurants, galleries are accessible for the wheelchair users), just send us the mail and we’ll help you as much as we can.