Firsthand experience

Back in 2016 when we started with our illustrious project of accessible tourism, we decided that before we start promoting our products on the market, we’ll personally inspect all the facilities ourselves.
In our company we also have one wheelchair user, Anže, who is disabled since 2008. From personal experience Anže knows that not everything is as accessible as the people over the phone tell you or what they write you in the e-mail. So many times, have the wheelchair users been mislead about the level of accessibility and have been given false assurances before they embark on their excursions and as soon as they enter the hotel rooms, they quickly see that the beds, the toilettes are not sufficiently accessible.

Quickly the entire trip is ruined.
In our company we personally inspected more than 50 hotels in both Slovenia and Croatia. Anže, knows the needs and problems of the wheelchair users better then anyone and inspects all the details of every accommodation facility, including the toilettes, beds, spas, dining rooms. Except for the accommodation facilities we also have inspected more than two dozen restaurants in Slovenia, to make sure that our guests can enjoy their meal, without worrying if there is an accessible toilette in the restaurant.

100% accessible

The most important part of our work though is to make sure all our city tours, day trips and excursions are 100% accessible for wheelchair users. Together our professional tourist guides (Miha and Danijel) we inspected all the main tourist destinations in Slovenia, and as well certain parts of neighbouring Croatia, Italy and Austria. We do not leave anything to chance so we personally inspected all the squares, embankments, streets, funiculars, beaches, flower parks, museums, galleries, wine cellars to make sure they are accessible for wheelchair users. Our Anže even tried a ZIP Line in the Ski Flying Center of Planica, to determine that the disabled people can use it, just as everybody else does. So in short - we ensure and guarantee that all our tour packages and all excursions are 100% accessible!