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On all our tours we have a local guide that takes care of the tour programme. If you wish somebody for personal assistance that will accompany and help you 24 hours a day, we can provide you an assistant. Price for personal assistance is 150 EUR per day plus cost of the tour.

Yes. We guarantee you that all the activities, sights that we visit, hotels and means of transport are wheelchair accessible.

All the hotels, sights and activities are personally checked by our employee Anže, who is a wheelchair user since 2008.

Unfotunatelly not. Para-alpine skiing is suitable for paraplegics and all those that have enough strength in the arms. E.g. everybody who is able to move from a wheelchair to a seat (or bed) or getting up from the ground (yes, this happens while skiing :) by himself is able to do para-alpine skiing. Skiing is also possible for people with visual impairment.

Yes. We provide downhill and cross-country skiing courses for people with visual impairment.

Our tours are offered to everybody at the same price.

Everybody that can swim can do diving. Important note: It is necessary to obtain a medical certificate that states you are abble to dive. Medical certificate can be issued by the doctor in your home country.

You don't need any special equipment except swiming suit. All the equipment will be provided by our dive instructor - we will just need to know your clothing size in advance to provide you with the right sized wetsuit.

It is possible to take the DDI (Disabled Diving International) or PADI diving course only - contact us for an exact offer. However, it is also possible to combine a diving course with the full 8-days Feel No LImits in the Water programme.

Yes. All the destinations, transport and hotels are suitable for electric wheelchairs also, although some activities will maybe have to be skiped.

We currently own seven Renault Master 8-seat minivans, that are all equiped with wheelchair ramps and safety belts for wheelchair users.

Yes, we can provide you transport only with our accessible 8-seat minivans. We provide transport around Slovenia nd neigbouring countries Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary.

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