Slovenia: A Hidden Gem for Disabled Veterans Looking for Epic Guided Tours

09. 07. 2021

Slovenia: A Hidden Gem for Disabled Veterans Looking for Epic Guided Tours

Planning a trip as a disabled war veteran can be a daunting task. Checking that everything fulfils your requirements and that operators do not post misleading information on their websites can take a lot of your precious time. And even after that you might be unsure if everything will run smoothly until the very moment you arrive at your destination...

Luckily, there are certain countries that are more than just DV-friendly, showing everyone it is more than possible to have an amazing holiday despite your disabilities. One of them is Slovenia, a hidden gem when it comes to nature, culinary offers, and amazing experiences for disabled groups of travellers. 

We have put together a little guide with all the advantages of travelling around our lovely Slovenia, listing all the pros of choosing our amazing team that will take the burden off your shoulders and guarantee you amazing and, above all, relaxing holidays!

Why Travel With Us?

Experience Slovenia

Slovenia truly is a hidden gem for disabled travellers. It might not be that well known, but it boasts easy accessibility, is free of crowds and has high standards when it comes to COVID-19. Slovenia has also won the title European Region of Gastronomy 2021 so it is the right place for every food lover. It offers amazing food of all sorts, excellent wine, and craft beer for those not interested in viticulture.

Moreover, everything is close when you travel around Slovenia. This means you will not have to spend numerous hours in the car to get from one place to another as crossing the whole country only takes around three hours, changing the scenery from the Pannonian Plain across the Alps all the way to the Mediterranean. 

Ljubljana is the perfect starting point for various guided tours for disabled veterans.

Additionally, you will not have to switch various hotels. You probably do not want to spend time packing and unpacking on your trip and getting used to a new room every couple of days. Instead, you can enjoy a centrally-located hotel in, for example, Ljubljana, which was awarded several tourist prizes in the last decade, including the Silver Access City Award in 2018. From there, you can take daily guided tours for disabled veterans, leading you all over our diverse little country to visit places such as:

Lake Bled and Bohinj

If you are interested in nature, Slovenia will simply leave you speechless. Lake Bled and Bohinj both represent an amazing day trip. Bled boasts a castle perched on a cliff, whereas Bohinj offers stunning views of the surrounding Julian Alps and Triglav National Park.

The Coast

Even though our coast is only 46.6 km long, you will not miss the feeling of being at the seaside. Check out various coastal cities, such as Piran, Koper or Portorož with their typical vibe. You will be able to enjoy dinner next to the sea in the evening before returning back to your hotel. Warning: you might fall in love with the coast so much your will want to go on our holidays by the sea as one day might simply not be enough.

Enjoy a day trip to the Slovenian Coast. But be careful: you might fall in love with it!


This is the world of underground wonders, stunning natural phenomena, and unique tastes. You can visit Škocjan caves, the only natural beauty in Slovenia that is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Not to mention the caves also offer an amazing escape from the summer heat!

Pannonian Slovenia

Not feeling so active? Would you rather relax and spend some time in the water? You should check out the northeast of Slovenia, famous for its thermal water and spas, superb wine and gastronomic experiences as well as people's hospitality. 

Additionally, Laško, a spa town in eastern Slovenia, is perfect for spa and beer lovers – it boasts the biggest Slovenian brewery. Amazingly, a thermal spa with the best facilities for the disabled can be found just meters away.

For Adrenaline Junkies

For those seeking something more, we go way beyond simple tours and trips. We offer you amazing experiences with 100% safety guarantee. Try skydiving or diving in the sea or Lake Bled! You can simply do it for fun or take the full Open Water Diver’s certification course to obtain a certificate.

What about ziplining? We will take you to the Nordic Centre Planica with ski flying facilities that are one of the most famous in the world! And since we are already talking about skiing, a Slovenian national sport. Para-alpine skiing in Slovenia is getting more popular year by year! Our ski equipment and ski instructors will help you get familiar with the slopes and help you have the experience of your lifetime!

And soon we are planning to add something completely new to our offer: giving you the opportunity to explore our country on wheels! You have probably heard of our famous professional racing cyclists Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar. So it is only fair we also honour them by taking you on yet another active tour around scenic roads of Western Slovenia.

Those are just some of the guided tours for disabled veterans we offer and places you can visit with our help. If you have more time on your hands and would like to explore more than just one country, you can visit Croatia, our beautiful neighbouring country with an amazing coast and beautiful cities. You can also go on a day trip to Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world. 

We offer everything from day trips to weekend getaways as well as longer holidays. There truly are no limits! Check out more on our website and read about other advantages (besides visiting amazing places) of travelling with us.

Our Own Means of Transport and Equipment Rental

Another fact that will make you more at ease when travelling with us is the fact that we have our own fleet of seven Renault Master 8-seat minivans which are all equipped with wheelchair ramps and safety belts for wheelchair users.

Additionally, if you want to travel light, we also offer equipment rental for a comfortable stay. This way, you will be able to use everything from various types of wheelchairs, toilet/shower chairs, medical beds with mattresses, monoski for para-alpine skiing, etc. We have you covered and we thought of everything you might need on your trip instead of you!

We truly want to make your holidays memorable for all the right reasons. We are confident we can provide you with pretty much anything you want to help you enjoy your well-deserved break!

Educated and Well-Informed Guides

We know that amazing destinations play an important role in making your holidays enjoyable, however, the guides can ruin the whole experience for everyone. Luckily, our guides will definitely make the tours even more amazing as they are all well-informed (yes, they know where accessible toilets are located in every city you visit!) and know their way around the places they check with you. They know how to make the most of sightseeing on a wheelchair so you will never feel like you are missing out on anything. We guarantee you a fun trip during which you will truly feel no limits!

They also have experience working with various guests, from vision-impaired to disabled war veterans and other groups with special needs. Therefore, you will truly be able to relax as you will know you are in safe hands and given constant support throughout the duration of your trip!

Stress-Free Holidays

The situation with COVID-19 has made many people wary of travelling. Slovenia has been successfully dealing with the coronavirus and has managed to significantly bring down the number of new daily cases, also thanks to more and more people getting vaccinated. This resulted in some measures being lifted, which makes it easier to travel around the country. You can rest assured that our team is doing everything it can to provide a safe experience for you – everyone is regularly tested or already vaccinated so you do not have to worry about your safety.

Additionally, you also do not have to lose sleep about the credibility of all the information we put on our website. Maybe you have had plenty of bad experiences with different agencies promoting certain trips as accessible and you ended up disappointed. This will definitely not happen with us as we have checked all the locations, accommodation, sights, museums, and everything else included in our offer with a wheelchair user who confirmed that our tours are suitable for everyone else as well!