03. 01. 2019


In the recent years different tourist destinations in Slovenia won numerous prizes as wheelchair friendly destinations.

In the recent years Slovenia and in particular our capital – Ljubljana, did a lot to improve the level of accessibility for the wheelchair in all areas. All the hard work was not left unnoticed and in 2015 Ljubljana was awarded the Bronze Access City Award by the European Union. The winner of the Access City Award for the year 2015 was the Swedish town of Borås, while Helsinki in Finland was given the second place.

The first time Ljubljana participated in the Access City Award contest was in 2011 and immediately achieved remarkable success because it was ranked in the final selection of eight cities for “Access City Award 2012” regardless of strong competition of 114 registered cities from 23 countries within the European Union.

Ljubljana continued in improving accessibility for wheelchair users and in 2018 it was awarded the Silver Access City award. This time only Lyon was better then Ljubljana, while the Bronze Access City Award for 2018 was given to Luxembourg.

Today in Ljubljana wheelchair users can take a funicular ride to Ljubljana castle and explore parts of it, including the modern Puppet museum, which is completely accessible. Most of the town’s square’s, embankments, parks are accessible as well. In the city there are several public toilettes for wheelchair users, while most of the city’s museums and galleries can be visited by the disabled. Cause of all these facts British portal (which is dealing with the needs of the disabled) in 2017 put Ljubljana on the list of most Accessible European cities.

Just to mention as a conclusion, in the last couple of years Ljubljana was also awarded a couple of other prizes. In 2016 it was the European Green Capital, in 2017 it was on the top 10 list of the European bicycle friendly cities and in 2018 it was named 3rd cleanest european city. So more than enough reasons for your visit of Slovenia and its capital Ljubljana!