Accessible Ljubljana

22. 04. 2021

Accessible Ljubljana

Slovenia's capital Ljubljana has over the last 15 years become one of the most popular tourist destination in Central Europe. On the crossroads fom the Balkans to Adriatic, or from the Pannonian lowlands to Western Europe it is geographically perfectly located for travellers exploring the old continent. Our mayor also calls it the most beautiful city in the World.

One of the reasons for Ljubljana's popularity is also accessibility, on which we were working on for the last decade. Old part of Ljubljana with its embankments, center of the city with its parks, galleries, museums and even a way to Ljubljana castle has been made accessible for the wheelchair users. Cause of all this our capital has become one of the most popular wheelchair destinations in Europe.

On this link you can check video , which we prepared for our guests and see why Ljubljana has become one of the most popular destinations for wheelchair friendly holidays in Europe. On the video can can see several parts of Ljubljana's center and old part of the town (Dragon and Cobbler's bridge, Prešeren's, Town, Congress, New and French Revolution squares, embankments near the Ljubljanica river and Ljubljana castle with its wheelchair accessible funicular).

We hope that wheelchair tourism will be back soon after the epidemic ends and we'll be more than happy to meet and greet you in Slovenia.