5 Great Activities for Wheelchair Adventurers

29. 10. 2021

5 Great Activities for Wheelchair Adventurers

Long gone are the days when the expressions wheelchair and adventure were worlds apart. Thanks to a wide tourist offer of late, which is tailored to all kinds of individual needs, wheelchair users get to enjoy more and more adventurous aspects of travel that are readily available to other people. However, if you are on the hunt for some accessible adrenaline rush, you might want to double-check your options and make sure that you pick the best possible option, both in terms of accessibility offer as well as in terms of location. If you are longing for something crazy but have no ideas, stick with us—we have got the best tips to get you started!

Check out our picks from around the world that will make your decision on where to go next a bit easier (or even more difficult, given the fact they all sound amazing!).

Riding a camel in Morocco

Morocco is definitely something everyone should experience in a lifetime. From bustling souks and all the amazing food to the beach and riding a camel in the desert... The starting point for this adventure is the Merzouga desert, located around eight hours away from Marrakech, but well worth the ride.

Once you arrive, you will be given a camel with a special adaptive saddle including a backrest and headrest to provide comfortable support while trekking through the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, the largest in Morocco. You will be able to enjoy the views and the sounds of this amazing part of the world. Some tours also include accommodation and dinner in the desert so make sure to check out all the options for an experience of a lifetime!

Riding a camel in the Merzouga desert will definitely be a memorable experience!

Additionally, Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants also offer other day trips or packages with wheelchair-friendly adventures, such as tours of the Medina in Marrakech or a trip to Essaouira, a port city home to the well-known fortress built by the Portuguese. If you are more into nature than cities, you can opt for a day tour of the breathtaking Ouzoud Falls which are located within driving distance from Marrakech.

Looking for something even more adventurous? Go on a 2-hour jet ski excursion in the Agadir bay with specially trained assistants. You will be able to see the marina from a different perspective while getting that much-desired refreshment in Moroccan heat. Enjoy!

Surfing in Hawaii

If you are interested in water sports, visiting Hawaii is your way to some of the best wheelchair-accessible adventures! This amazing island also offers the possibility of surfing using specialised surfboards with the help of amazing instructors. You can join free workshops with AccesSurf at White Plains Beach Park, only 40 minutes from Honolulu.

If you decide to stay in Maui, you will also not run out of adventurous things to do. Watching the sunrise on Mount Haleakala, an active volcano, would require getting up pretty early to make the drive to the top on time, however, it is definitely worth it. You can reach the top by car and there is a handicap parking so do not forget to bring your handicap placard with you.

Admire a breathtaking sunrise from the top of Mount Haleakala.

Another way of getting an amazing view is going on a helicopter tour. It might be a bit more expensive than driving to the top of Mount Haleakala, however, it is a good investment. Certain agencies have helicopters equipped with a wheelchair lift so getting inside the helicopter will be a piece of cake.

Zip lining or skiing in Slovenia

Another destination offering the best wheelchair-accessible adventures is Slovenia. This country is a true hidden gem, offering various possibilities for exciting wheelchair-friendly activities.

Firstly, enjoy zip lining in Planica, located in the north-western part of Slovenia, very close to the Austrian and Italian borders. It is home to the ski flying facilities that are one of the most famous ones in the world, bringing thousands of visitors to the valley each year for the Ski Flying World Cup finals.

This time, you will not visit Planica for ski flying but will take the chairlift to the top of the hill, get ready, and zip line back to the valley, still being able to somehow enjoy the feeling ski fliers experience every time they jump.

You can combine the zip lining adventure with a visit to one of the most popular Slovenian tourist destinations, a jewel in the Julian Alps, Bled. The island with a church in the middle of the lake and a medieval castle on the rock above it make a true fairytale-like setting for a perfect afternoon in the fresh air.

Combine adventurous zip lining in Planica with a trip to Bled - a place straight out of a fairytale!

If you are a fan of winter sports, do not miss out on skiing, which is pretty much a Slovenian national sport. Luckily, para-alpine skiing is also on the rise to satisfy the adventurous needs of the disabled. And what if you have never tried skiing before? No problem at all! With the ski equipment rental and ski instructors, you will soon find your own way down the slopes!

Mountain biking in Vermont

Are you up for more wheelchair-friendly adventures? If you are planning to add another one to your list, check out Vermont Adaptive’s mountain bike program.

In case you decide to join the program, you can borrow one of the program’s specially built off-road handcycles which will make packing for your trip much easier.

In addition to that, the Vermont Adaptive’s list of activities includes alpine and cross country skiing, snowboarding, cycling, kayaking and canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, sailing, indoor rock climbing, and much more! Apparently, they can make everything happen so you will definitely not miss out on any adventurous activity if your next travel destination is Vermont.

Skydiving in Ohio

This one might come as a surprise. Skydiving as part of adventure travel for wheelchair users? Yes, it is possible!

Not every company offering skydiving is specialised in that, so you will definitely have to do some searching to make sure they can really offer safe and specialised service for your needs.

For example, Start Skydiving in Middletown, Ohio is one of such companies. It offers tandem dives for both paraplegic and quadriplegic divers. This way, you will truly make your holidays memorable and experience the world from a completely different perspective!

Ohio is ranked as one of the best places to skydive in the world.

Conclusion: you won’t have to miss out on great adventures

As you can see, there are tons of different offers out there and our list of the best wheelchair-accessible adventures is definitely not exhaustive. Do not worry if the above-mentioned suggestions are not your cup of tea or you are looking for something completely different. There are plenty of other possibilities for adventure travel for wheelchair users.

If you already have a destination you want to visit in mind, we are sure some googling will help you realise different agencies located there offer at least one or two accessible adventures. As always, make sure you thoroughly check their offer and get confirmation they truly offer what is stated online. You probably do not want to go out of your way and travel to a far-away location only to discover a certain accessible activity is currently unavailable, right?

Just plan your holidays well and do not even think for a moment that just because you are not as mobile as you used to be, you should say goodbye to all the adventures. You can still enjoy your life with no limits!