10 Disability Friendly Cities

19. 05. 2021

10 Disability Friendly Cities

Choosing the 10 Disability Friendly Cities is a tough job, although we are working in the field of accessible tourism for 5 years already. After a very thorough examination we made our top 10 list, but we decided not to mark it from 1 – 10.

So Feel No Limits’s Top 10 Disability Friendly Cities are: Washington DC and Seattle (representing North America and USA), Sydney (representing Australia and Oceania), Lyon (France), Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Vienna (Austria), Warsaw (Poland) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). Polish capital won the 2020 Access City Award and we also needed to include our capital on the list. Ljubljana is the winner of Bronze Access City Award 2015 and Silver Access City Award in 2018 and is improving the level of accessibility for more than a decade. During the epidemic of coronavirus city municipalities did a lot of work and further improved the accessibility of city’s streets and squares. Except for winning two Access City awards, Ljubljana also won European Green capital award in 2016 and the Golden Apple award (Tourist Oscar) in the same year.

Ljubljana is a wonderful ecologic green city, extremely wheelchair friendly town and one of the best wheelchair friendly travel destinations at the moment. Center and Old part of the town are completely accessible, flat pedestrian zones are widely present, disabled can access almost all city museums and galleries, city parks, take the boat ride on the Ljubljanica river or even take the funicular up to the Ljubljana castle.

As you see the majority of disabled friendly cities are located either in North America or Europe and Sydney is on the list as a representative of Australia and Oceania. Also, in some parts of Asia accessibility is improving, in particular Japan and South Korea are doing a good job, where wheelchair tourism is on the rise.

Check out some photos (of Ljubljana, Berlin and Vienna) in our gallery that we prepared for you.

Ljubljana, 19.05.2021